BEST, Building Environmental Standards

Brentwood is the proud recipient of the BOMA BEST® Gold Award 2016-2019.

BOMA BEST® Sustainable Buildings certification recognizes excellence in energy, environmental management and performance within the commercial real estate sector. The program is managed by the Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada (BOMA Canada) as a service to all commercial building owners and managers.

The program provides a consistent framework to critically assess ten key areas of environmental performance and management

1. Energy

2. Water

3. Air

4. Comfort

5. Health and Wellness

6. Custodial

7. Purchasing

8. Waste

9. Site

10. Stakeholder Engagement

BOMA BEST®  Sustainable Buildings certification has stayed true to its core objective, to facilitate the continuous improvement of building operations and maintenance while maintaining high standards and a growing reputation within the sustainability community.  Since the release of BOMA BEST®  3.0 in 2012 the program has continued to evolved through the growing participation in the Canadian commercial real estate industry. For further information regarding BOMA BEST® please visit